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Working Theory

You may don't know that, besides bee pollen, Zi Xiu Tang product is composed of more than 20 identified ingredients. here is the partial list and the corresponding function.

Cassia: Contains various types of vitamins, can reduce blood lipids and clean intestinal canal.

Chinese Yam: A herbal medicine that can condition the stomach and reduce blood lipids

Wolfberry:It is anti-aging, can help enhance immunity and promote gastrointestinal motility

Lotus Seed: The alkaloid n-9 contained in lotus seed can help decrease blood pressure

You can take this product with or without food. it's very simple. and we highly recommend you drink sufficient water when taking this supplement.


Four Advantages:

Healthy -natural herbal ingredients, easy to dissolve and absorb

Safe -no any hormone or side effects

Easy -no need to exercise, diet or suppress appetite

Directed -reduce fat but keep breast plump, ensure you perfect figure

Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen, Your Best Choice to Keep Slim!

Lose Weight easily in a period!

The feedbacks from our customers firmly proved that the plant dietary fiber contained in Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen can accelerate the fat-burning speed by 5 times in only a period.

Clean toxins & improve gastrointestinal function

Toxins will be regularly cleaned out once our body gets good adjustments. Our body will be balanced when the absorption and excretion go normal.

Improve body image & get beautiful curves

The various plant dietary fibers contained in Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Diet Pills will keep your skin as firm and elastic as before, which directly lead to a beautiful curve.


Who Are Applicable?

1. Office Workers with Few Exercises

Features: wish losing weight desperately but have no time to do exercises

2. People with Big Stomach

Features: wish losing weight but can't help eating too much

3. New Moms

Features: in body recovery & nursing phase, need slimming products without any side effects.

4. Fashion Beauties worry about side effects

Features: wish losing weight, but worry about side effects like diarrhea, stomachache, anorexia, strength lack.

5. People who lose weight many times but rebound.

Zi Xiu Tang Pills User feedback

After taking this supplement for about a month, I feel 100% clear about zxt bee pollen pills. Not only does it do what it’s advertised and claimed, but also there is none side effect. I feel a positive boost of energy and my appetite also has decreased by half.

5 stars for this product.  by Marianela Hilliard
Unlike other slimming products that may give me jittery feelings, I feel totally comfortable with zi xiu tang slimming capsules. I go to bathroom more regularly and I feel myself eat less but healthier. Also, I feel more energetic at work and get the motivation to work out. 5 stars for this product.

Completely fall in love with this product!! This is by far the only pill that works for me but giving me no shaky or irritable feelings. My weight and BMI stared to come off, and people around me are saying I look much thinner than before, which makes me really happy. Will make a new purchase soon.

With all of the tries on weight loss products before, Zi Xiu Tang diet pill has proven to be the best I have used so far. I feel a natural energy boost, which further lead to my good performance in work. I really appreciate this product, as it not only helped me reach my goals but also make me happy everyday.

PRICE IS GOOD by Jewel Ali
Oh, this product is great. It came very quickly and I can feel it working! I have been sticking with bee pollen for one and a haf month, it gave me the energy I need without any other ill feelings. It melted my baby fat away very effectively and fast. By the way, the price is also good, nearly affordable for everyone.

Safe enough to take  by Giovanna Ridenour
Having tried various brand of diet pills, Bee pollen capsule is the first product that actually works for me. It not only broke my weight loss plateau but also made me eat healthier. I haven’t got any discomfort, even though I was very sensitive to pills of other brand. This is what I could tell for the moment, I will continue to report if I will make any progress.

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