2 Box Zi Xiu Tang

2 Box Zi Xiu Tang

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High Quality Natural Slimming Products For You!
Gain Benefit in 7 Days, Reduce Weight Easily!
Suppress Appetite and Burn Fat, For Men and Women!
Lose Nothing but Weight Now, Free Shipping!
According to Chinese traditional medical theory "Medicine and Food are homologous”, Zi Xiu Tang brings you wonderful slimming effect without any side effect, It mainly reduces the fat at waist, abdomen, arms and neck, the weight won’t rebound and no diet restriction

Main Ingredients:
Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed, Dietary Fiber

Excepts these extracts, it has several others from Green tea, Rhubarb, Aloe, Cassia, Astrigillis, Polygonum multiflorum, Lotus leaf, Gynostemme, Radish seed, Malt, Mulberry, Hawthorn and Vitamins etc

•Clean whole body of any harmful toxins. Harmful toxins can cause metabolism to slow down, not allowing to loose weight even having diet or exercise. 
•Suppress appetite
•Separate good fat from bad one in body, expelling bad fat out and only the necessary fats will be remained in user’s system. 
•Improve quality of skin and body. Body starts to look tone and firm without any exercise, and meantime face begins to look smoother and younger.

Specification: 250mg*48 Capsules/Bottle+200mg*12 Capsules/Pack, Total 60 Capsules
Dosage: Once a day, 2 grains each time before or after breakfast
Targeted Group: Pure fatness, postpartum fatness, people who are unable to reduce and control their weight with proper diet or sports
Precaution: Not for adolescents, elderly, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people who suffer from liver, kidney, heart disease, high blood pressure etc., depression people or anyone with bee or pollen allergies

Customers Reviews:

5 Stars ( Total 30 Reviews)
5 stars for this product.  by Marianela Hilliard
Unlike other slimming products that may give me jittery feelings, I feel totally comfortable with zi xiu tang slimming capsules. I go to bathroom more regularly and I feel myself eat less but healthier. Also, I feel more energetic at work and get the motivation to work out. 5 stars for this product.

I don’t think I’ll go back to any other weight loss products after taking this bee pollen capsules. There hasn’t been any side effect even I have taken the pills for about a month. And I can certainly feel the fat is burning.

Works great for me  by Teodora Yi
Though zi xiu tang diet pills actually doesn’t require a change in diet and exercise, I still combine both with my program, as I know this would perfect my weight loss results. Since taking this product, I become able to eat a right portion size of food everyday and I found my waistline starts showing. A lot of my friends also want to try it after seeing the success on me. Wish it will work for them as well.

came very quickly by Cristi Wilmoth
I ordered bee pollen capsules and it came very quickly. I started taking the pills once I got the package, and I did notice the difference in the first week, appetite reduced and defecation goes smooth. I do drink a lot of water as suggested and I also work out frequently, about 4 times a week.

good effect  by Anita Neal
Before I bought from these website, I read all the reviews and it seems the right one I need so I placed for trial, aha, it dose cause me dry mouth, and my shape start to have some difference, Happy! Thanks!

I get the pills today and I am very satisfied with both the package and effect, I really appreciate your services, I have introduced your web to my friends, and the price is much cheaper than other diet pills. All is Good. Thanks.

My sister and I ordered the pills 6 days ago and she told me she has already got the goods today as she is in Australia, she said the package is so good and she is very satisfied with it. I am in USA and I am so expect with the pills. Hope I can get the pills soon.

Just like it advertises, there are no side effects, I have noticed my muscle have more definition and less fat around my abdomen. I have not noticed a change in appetite (actually slight increase), but still a reduction in fat and increase in lean muscle.

At 55,my health was a wreck about a year ago. I suffer from osteoarthritis, obesity (250 lbs, 44in waist at 5'6;), borderline diabetic combined with a total hip replacement in March 2013. Dr. strongly suggested a change in lifestyle. Since that time I took Bee pollen diet pills and have got great results.

Me and my wife have been using this product for roughly 3 months now and have already seen great results. I lost already 16 LBS at the first 6-7 weeks and still continuing to use this amazing product. Thank you Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen!

I've been suckered by a slimming product in the past, but this beepollen capsule really works for me! I work and go to school,so I don't have time to go to the gym, well, lazy too. But I started this Zi Xiu Tang for 2 months,and I've lost 20 lbs to date! The weight is now much lighter.

I have been using Bee Pollen capsules for several weeks now and it's amazing.I have lost around 8 lbs in 28 days.I'm never hungry and always get filled before food is finished on my plate. Lots of energy throughout the day too. Will reorder again.

I've been taking these Zi Xiu Tang diet pills for about 3 weeks. I started with 1 pill a day for a week then progress to 2 pills a day.I have not been really exercising like I want to because I just had foot surgery. I have noticed that I've lost inches in my waist,so happy!

less appetite by Delia Pierce
I like the idea of slimming pills curbing the appetite. I am a winner by this pills and feel quite satisfied with the pills.

Happy about the result  by Katherine Gardner
This product is awesome!! I started taking about a week ago. The energy and appetite control is outstanding. I am bad with taking pills but I actually look forward taking my pills daily. Like the pills so much and would like to use it until achieve my weight goal.

I am looking some diet pill to help me lose about 50 lbs. My brother suggest this zi xiu tang to me and I buy this with a trail. Fortunately, this product work well. I have lost 12 lbs so far, in half and a month. Very satisfied.

Believe in the effect by Anne Hodges
I followed the instructions for this product down to the email. I am a very healthy person and this product did help curbing my big appetite.

I had to have frequent bathroom visit, I combined exercise as I thought it make weight-loss faster, so far I have lost 9kg, much satisfied. If you are looking for some pills, do not miss this amazing product.

Look forward for the effects by Cynthia Pierce
I was excited to try zixiutang beepollen pills. I have been losing a good amount of weight but it can be rather slow to come off. To be honest I was a little apprehensive though. But will continue to take it until achieve my weight goal.

The zi xiu tang beepollen was a gift from my best friend. We share a lot of things but this was one of the best. It really curbs my appetite when mostly needed leaving work and arriving home i would grab and eat the quickest and most fattening thin.

When taking this pills, I have very minimal side effects. Dry mouth and I did notice that I need less sleep, and don't have a problem waking up in the morning when my alarm goes off.

Wonderful diet pills by Cheryl Fox

I have noticed a difference in my appetite suppression, which has helped keep me from over eating as I train and run multiple Half Marathons.I love the fact that there is no caffeine so I don't get the jittery feeling or crash after taking this product!

it really worth a shot. by Doreen Goodman
Until today, I have lost 20 lbs in 2 month!! and I can’t felt better, LOVE IT and highly recommended!!! For better results, I eat balanced meals with lots of fiber, it really worth a shot.

Get good result. by Jo Butler
I defeated my obesity with this amazing zixiutang diet pills. No heart palpitations or anything like that as I was getting from another product, all is good and would like to use the pills for longer.

cheers by Olga Burke
I introduced this product to my sister in Australia and she get the pills 3 days after placing the order. I get the pills 5 days after I placing my order. The delivery speed is so amazing

Worthy of being trusted in by Esther Pittman

Safe product by Marie Robinson
The pill works great for me though it gave me dry mouth at the first week, just drinking water solved and no other unhappy feeling. I like it

Feel good  by Angelina Wallace
I was worried about possible side effects about diet pills. But have taken beepollen pills for a month now, only weight have been reduced and appetite came smaller, no other feeling.

Hope can help her. by Tamara Harrington
So far 3 weeks, feel much lighter but haven’t weight myself yet, also love the energy it brings. If I get good result by this product, I will come back to buy some packs for my sister-in-law. Hope can help her.

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