News; More Weight Loss Methods when Taking Zi Xiu Tang

Published: Tuesday 26 August, 2014

There are many ways for you to reduce weight and following small tips is easy to do in your life, if you are taking Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen for quick weight loss, combine below methods, you will get double effect, (don’t know Bee Pollen diet pills? Click to check

First, Take oolong tea to relax
To develop the habit of drinking tea will make your metabolism work faster, it will make the body burn 3% more calories

Second, ensure calcium supplement at breakfast and lunch
Daily intake of 600 mg doses of calcium (each 300 mg breakfast and lunch ) can help the body to speed up the fat consumption. In one study, scientists found that women that eating in this way can reduce 22% more body weight than women who don’t take calcium

Third, take a cup of cranberry juice before going to the toilet
Plum is rich in anthocyanins which can help the body effectively remove fat and toxins. Drink a glass of cranberry juice, the body's clean process can be greatly accelerated, the liver can also quickly excreted the waste cause by obesity

Fourth, drink more water
If you want to lose 2 kg in a week, how much water you drink every day has a relationship with your weight. Nutrition experts recommend that you should drink 31.3 ml of water per kilogram of body weight

Five eat peanuts at brunch
Research shows that eating a handful of peanuts between breakfast and lunch can help reduce 333 card daily calorie intake

Six, Eat fermented foods at lunch
The researchers found that eating fermented foods, such as bread, sandwiches are less likely to feel hungry

Seven take a spoonful of honey in the afternoon
Honey can adjust your blood sugar to a normal level within 20 minutes, and this normal state can be stably maintained two hours to reduce your hunger.

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