News; Advises for Weight Loss in Daily Life

Published: Tuesday 26 August, 2014

Many users of Bee Pollen want to get faster effect and ask suggestions, though Zi Xiu Tang slimming capsules can suppresses appetite, you can still do something in 3 meals, How to eat Three meals a day to get the most effective weight loss effect? Check below advises

1. eat at least two or more fruits or vegetables at each meal

2. eat a hearty breakfast. It will not increase your calories, but will help you
reduce calories a day.
3. make sure half of your plate is vegetables or fruits at lunch and dinner
4 purposefully eat. Before put the food into your mouth, cleaning, peeling,
cooking, presentation, try to use the body senses to enjoy the process.
5 Try to eat at home, reducing the number of eating out. Many restaurant entrees
has at least 1000-2000 calories card
6 use small dishes instead of large dishes to control excessive intake of caloric
7 put food on the plate, rather than directly take the food from the jar or paper
8.take low-calorie foods firstly when eating, for example, eat salads and
vegetables at first, and then soup and the meat, and finally the starchy foods.
9. do not drink or drink less high-calorie beverages, such as carbonated drinks,
tea drinks, lemon juice and so on. Do not underestimate this,a lot of people
would alleviate a lot of weight just by changing this habit
10 daily intake of drinks and juices should be not more than 500 ml
11 take more soup, but do not add too much "stuff" in the soup, especially
12 listen to the ancients health advice: be only 70% full
13.write diet diary. Like accounting, the effect will be magical
14 Do not give yourself any excuse to increase appetite, unless you want to
increase the size of clothes

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